Software by Ugo Chirico

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JIProlog - Java internet Prolog

is a cross-platform pure Java 100% Prolog interpreter which integrates Prolog and Java languages.
JIProlog is ISO Prolog compliant and is designed to work on all java platforms including Java Enabled mobile phones (MIDP 2.0), application servers like Tomcat and JBoss, PDA, Symbian etc.
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Smart Card Console and Emulator

Smart Card Console and Emulator is a smart card console which allows sending ISO 7816 commands (APDU) to real smart cards and which supplies a virtual reader with a virtual smart card for training with ISO 7816.

Light Single Sign-On

"Login Assistant is a lightweight, easy to use Single Sign-On tool that manages your passwords by a single authentication PIN. By Login Assistant you can definitely forget your passwords.
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is an application for Java enabled mobile phone for storing securely secrets into mobile phone's memory.

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