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The human life is subject to well defined biological rhythms known as circadian cycles. Some of them, such as the bodily temperature, the cardiac frequency, the hormones production etc., are well know by the physicians, and some other have for the human life a particular interests such as Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional cycles:

    • Physical cycle 23 days long, influences the physical factors like the muscular force, the reflex promptitude etc;
    • Emotional cycle 28 days long, controls the emotionality, the sensibility, humor, etc.;
    • Intellectual cycle 33 days long, regulates the ability of learning, the memory, the concentration etc.

Each of them is represented by a sinusoidal curve (in figure). The curves oscillate from the maximum value 100 (i.e. perfect state) to the minimal value -100 (i.e. bad state). When a curve intercept the horizontal axis, although the value vanishs as to show an indifferent state, they are considered days of great instability because of the high slope of the curve that implies a rapid variation of the level.


Such a method is often used in sports in order to decide which team's players to line up in next match or which is the better day to plan a boxe match. Recently it has been also used from a famous airline company that has put in charge to biorhythm experts the organization of the turns for the pilots, bringing back a greater rendering in the positive days of level and a remarkable reduction of the number of accidents.




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